Monday, April 8, 2013

Derinkuyu Underground City

Derinkuyu is a town and district of Nevsehir city in Turkey. Also, Turkish people calls it CappadociaDerinkuyu. According to 2010 census, population of the district is 22,114 of which 10,679 live in the town of Derinkuyu.

Located in Cappadocia, Derinkuyu is notable for its large multi-level underground city (Derinkuyu Underground City), which is a major tourist attraction. Also, there is available every day to Derinkuyu Underground City.

Derinkuyu Undergrondcity fare from center of Cappadocia that it’s best way to visit by daily red, green, blue tours in Cappadocia which will be organized by local travel agencyin Istanbul or in Cappadocia.

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